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Simpson's Pharmacy has a huge selection of Durable Medical Equipment Supplies.  We stock every thing from lift chairs and bath safety products to canes and mobility devices such as rolling walkers and canes.  We carry a wide assortment of the finest medical equipment available. Whatever your medical equipment needs, we have the item in stock or will special order it for you.  We offer free assembly and local delivery. No one has a better variety of self-help aids and medical devices, each designed to help you through either a period of recovery or life itself. Our qualified and exerienced staff are there to  help you choose the correct item and fit it to your needs. 

Below is a listing of some of the items we have in stock for either sale or rental:

               Ambulatory Aids

rollator1.jpg-Aluminum, Wooden, Adjustable, Folding and Quad canes
-Rollators (Rolling Walkers)
-Transport Chairs
-Walkers (Folding, Regular and Wheeled)
-Forearm (Canadian) Crutches

               Diagnositc Aids

  • Bpauto.jpg-Auotmatic and manual blood pressure cuffs
  • -Stethoscopes
  • -Otoscopes
  • -Thermometers
    -Upright physician and regular scales
    -Glucose monitoring devices and lancets

                Bath Safety Items

  • bathseatduo.jpg -Bath and Shower Seats
  •  -Bath accesories
  •  -Commodes
  •  -Raised toilet seats
  •  -Toilet safety frames
  •  -Transfer Benches
  •  -Transfer Bars, Tub bars and handles

              Wheelchairs and Accessories

  • wheelchst.jpg-Manual wheelchairs
  • -Wheelchair cushions and accessories
  • -Transport chairs
  • -Available for sale or rental
  • -Ask about our rent-to-own policy

        Lift Chairs
  • liftchair.jpg  -2 position chairs
  •   -3 position chairs
  •   -Several in-stock chairs to try out
  •   -Special order a chair with customized upholstery colors
  •   -local delivery available

         Orthopedic Supports and Braces

  • Tennis.jpg  -Abdomen supports              -Finger splints/cots
  •   -Ankle & kness suports        -Hernia aids
  •   -Arm slings                             -Maternity supports
  •   -Back supports                       -Rib belts
  •   -Cervical collars
    Elbow & wrist supports

Vascular Supports

  • Anti-Embolism stockings
  • Compression Hoisery

    Ostomy/Colostomy Supplies

  • Appliance cleaners
  • Body wafers
  • Pouches and skin barriers
  • Colostomy Accessories

       Health & Fitness

  • Coldpak1.jpg  -A full line of SPENCO Orthtics and Insoles in stock or special order
      -Cold and Hot packs: Instant and reusable
  •   -Hydrocollators
  •   -Heating Pads (various sizes, regular and steam)
  •   -Pedal exercisers
      -Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements

    Incontinence Care
  • Bedpans.jpg -Bed Pans
  •  -Reusable Briefs and Panties
  •  -Matress and Pillow Protectors
  •  -Underpads
  •  -Urinals-Male & Female
    -Waterproof sheets
  • Urinal.jpg  -Diapers and liners
  •   -Bibs-reuable and disposable
  •   -Sitz Baths