Medication Packing- Taking all of the work out of managing multiple medications!

Simpson's Pharmacy believes that everyone should have the chance to take their medicines correctly. As many as 50% or patients take their medications incorrectly. Forgetting to take a dose, taking the wrong medications, or not following the doctor's instructions on the label all can lead to unnecessary trips to the hospital.

Simpson's Pharmacy offers a unique multiple dose blister pack  system to aid you or someone you care for and love to correctly take their medicine. The System is called:


As more of our loved ones are staying home untli later in their lives, assistance with medication taking - in the form of DISPILL - solves a number of problems and concerns for the consumer and loved ones manageing their care.

DISPILL puts all of your daily medications in an all inclusive 28 day blister pack. Each sealed multi dose container contains one's prescribed medications for a given time of day and is color coded by the dose time.  Yellow represents morning pills, while blue represents nightime pills. The blister packs are and transportable for day trips or for loved ones atteding a daycare setting. The blister packs also have full doctor instructions and pill identifiers so the customer knows what each pill looks like.

One of the greatest luxuries of this program is that refills are automatic and delivered right to your door every month. Never visit the pharmacy again!

Simpson's Pharmacy has been using this system for years with our many independent living elders, and developmentally delayed individuals living in the community or group home setting with great success.

If this sounds like a service you or a loved may need, please give us a call for more details! (401)-722-7600

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